Call for nominations for the role of DCAD Coordinator

The Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD) calls for nominations for the role of DCAD Coordinator. Please respond by 24th November 2021 to with a short summary of your experience and intentions for DCAD going forwards. The new Coordinator will be provided support by the DCAD Steering Group. Young leaders are welcome to apply.

Role of DCAD Coordinator

The primary role of the coordinator is to coordinate the activities of the DCAD and its members around its core aims, i.e. to ensure that ICT accessibility is included in key debates around Internet Governance, and to facilitate interaction between relevant bodies in regards to digital accessibility.

This includes, but is not limited to:
· Provide coordination, guidance and leadership to ensure the successful functioning of the DCAD
· Actively encourage and facilitate participation from DCAD members
· Consult and work with all members of the DCAD, as well as the wider disability community and other representative organisations· Coordinate the DCAD session proposal for the annual IGF, facilitate the session and subsequent reporting:
· Facilitate collaborations between Dynamic Coalitions (DC) on topics of shared interest, including accessibility, and participate in the DC Coordination Group meetings including contributing to reports
· Represent the interests of the DCAD community at IGF events, including online events such as NRI (National Regional Initiative) meetings.· Oversee the DCAD IGF Participation Fund
· Engage in respectful and constructive dialogue, both within the Group and in liaison functions
· Share DCAD’s work in an open and transparent fashion
· Act as a liaison to the IGF Secretariat and the MAG
· Convene virtual meetings as required
· Take a leading role or nominate a suitable candidate to participate in main sessions at the IGF annual meeting
· Whenever possible, find opportunities for in-person meetings, notably during the annual IGF
· Ensure regular communication within the group via the mailing list

The Coordinator should strive to include members in these activities wherever possible, including the delegation of responsibilities to DCAD volunteer members.