Call – April 6 2020


1. Welcome and introductions
2. IGF workshop proposals from DCAD
3. DCAD session for IGF
4. Future plans:
(a) Accessibility in NRIs
(b) Liaison with other Dynamic Coalitions
6. Any other business




Gunela Astbrink, Andrea Saks, Joly MacFie, Muhammad Shabbir Awan, Sabine Lobnig, Christopher Jones, Kate Grant, Ashwini Sathnur, Judith Hellerstein, Francesca Cesa Bianci, Greg Shatan, Axel Leblois, Dipendra Manocha, Ashwini Sathnur, Lidia Best, Shadi Abou-Zahra, Cheryl Landon-Orr, Peter Crosbie, Judy Okite

Introductory Remarks from Gunela:

– Welcome. Thanks to Andrea Saks, and to Mohammed Shabbir from the Internet Society Accessibility Special Interest Group (ISOC A11ySIG) who will support the DCAD mailing list and Web Site going forward.

– Formation of an informal core group to help Gunela, and brief report on Core Group call the previous week on the subject of managing funds from Vint Cerf through IGF SA.

– Introduction to main item on the agenda, workshop proposals for IGF 2020.

– General discussion on these proposals, out of which the main action items were:

– Andrea Saks, Axel Leblois and Lidia Best will develop a draft DCAD proposal to be sent to DCAD members by 10th April.

– Joly MacFie and Gunela Astbrink will organise a DCAD call for 14th April at 12.00UTC for discussion of the draft proposal as well as to deal with other agenda items.

– Andrea Saks, Axel Leblois and Lidia Best will lodge the DCAD proposal to IGF by 22nd April.