Call – Oct 6 2020


October 6 2020   – 20:00-21:30  UTC


audiovideo (AI Captions)


1. Welcome & accessibility check

2. Sign language interpretation at IGF

3. Feedback needed on accessibility of IGF schedule
o Please register to get the full interactive schedule:

4. DCAD IGF Participation Support Grants

5. Best Practice Forums (link)
– DCAD may wish to explore applying for a Best Practice Forum on
accessibility. If successful, we can have a consultant preferably with a
disability work on specific outputs relevant to accessibility for the IGF.
Key aspects are the design of the new IGF website, online participation
and accessibility of the venue. This may act as a path to best practice for
decision-makers based on existing policy such as the UN Disability
Inclusion Strategy.

6. ITU guidelines on accessible online participation

7. DCAD session
– The original agenda is at igf-2020-accessibility-closing-the-gap
This year, the IGF will be spread over two weeks. All DCs are slotted in the
first week and DCAD’s session will be held at the end of the first week on
Friday 6th November.
– Suggested topics for discussion:
o Online participation experience of persons with disability
o liaison with other DCs
o mainstreaming accessibility across IGF workshops
o and planning with NRIs.

8. Disability-focused sessions at IGF

9. IGF Main Session for DCs
– DCAD’s report on member activities in relation to the planned Dynamic
Coalition topic for the main session,’Dynamic Coalitions in Post-
Pandemic Socio-Economic Renewal’

10. Workshop at IGF which is co-organised by G3ict/NADP/SUITA, SUITS is Polish Association of Hard of Hearing People. (link)

11. ITU Remote Participation standard (doc)

10. Any other business