Steering Group Call – April 23 2020

DCAD Steering Group Zoom Call.
April 23, 2020, 12H UTC

Draft Agenda

1. Management options of the potential accessibility fund (Google Doc)
2. Accessibility in NRIs (Google Doc)
3. AOB


Gunela Astbrink, Peter Crosbie, Muhammad Shabbir Awan, Greg Shatan, Judith Hellerstein, Joly MacFie, Shadi Abou-Zahra, Judy Okite
Apologies: Gerry Ellis


1. Options for the management of the potential accessibility fund.
Discussion on the management of the accessibility travel fund based on a possible grant from Google/Vint Cerf. Agreement that the ISOC Accessibility SIG would manage possible funds overseen by a DCAD Finance sub-committee comprising:

Greg Shatan
Judith Hellerstein
Gerry Ellis (who agreed after the meeting)

It was agreed that a DCAD sub-account would be set up.
It was agreed that Greg Shatan would set up a financial reporting mechanism.
Agreement that Gunela would make a submission to Vint Cerf on this basis.
In connection with these funds, discussion on the setting up of a Travel Evaluation sub-committee to enable people to travel to the IGF. Shadi Abou-Zahra agreed to be a member. The other two members will be recruited from the DCAD membership
and confirmed by the DCAD Steering Group. Members of this sub-committee will not be potential beneficiaries of DCAD travel support.
It was agreed that in case IGF 2020 became a virtual meeting, successful applicants could request funding for temporary increased broadband to cover the cost of participating remotely.

2. Accessibility in NRI’s.
Report from Judy Okite on her work with NRI’s. The aim is to increase participation by persons with disability in NRIs in order to improve understanding of accessibility policy and practice in Internet Governance.
– To increase awareness by NRIs of accessibility needs in onsite and online facilities for persons with disability
– To encourage NRIs to adhere to the DCAD Accessibility Guidelines
– To mentor persons with disability to participate in the NRIs
– To build a network of accessibility champions in the NRIs
– To gather data on current accessibility actions by NRIs and to share with all NRIs
Discussion around how to advance the project and of the possibility of collaboration with the IGF,and with the ISOC Foundation.
A Google.doc was made available with details of the project.
Judy Okite was invited to speak at a forthcoming ISOC Accessibility SIG webinar for ISOC Chapters.
Peter Crosbie will advise Judy Okite on accessibility for people with cognitive and learning disabilities.

3. Confirmation of the Steering Group
Confirmation that the DCAD Steering Group comprises:
Gunela Astbrink, Coordinator
Peter Crosbie, Secretary
Muhammad Shabbir Awan
Greg Shatan
Judith Hellerstein
Joly MacFie, Administrator
Gerry Ellis
Shadi Abou-Zahra
Judy Okite

4. Mailing List
Agreement that Joly will set up an email alias for the members of the Steering Committee.