IGF 2023 DCAD – Re-envisioning DCAD for the Future

Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD) Round Table at IGF2023
Theme – Re-envisioning DCAD for the Future
Time – Monday, 9th October, 2023 15:15-16:45 JST (06:15-07:45 UTC)
Room  WS 10 – Room I


This Roundtable reviewed our work for 2023, focusing on our efforts to improve the accessibility of online events and how to ensure that persons with disabilities, no matter where they live, can actively participate in all discussions. It then had an interactive discussion with our DCAD Fellows and other persons with disabilities who will talk about their vision for the future.

  1. Welcome and Opening by the Chair
  2. Review of IGF2023 accessibility
  3. Short Report on DCAD Activities for 2023
  4. Introducing our DCAD Fellows
  5. Interactive discussion with our fellows and other persons with disabilities and their vision of a Digital Future
  6. Interactive Q&A
  7. Future DCAD activities
  8. Closing Remarks

Today only about 3% of the Internet is accessible to people with disabilities, despite the 1.3 billion people globally who live with a disability. In particular, only a small number of online services are accessible to persons with disabilities.


Dr. Muhammad Shabbir, DCAD Co-coordinator, Civil Society, Asia Pacific
Judith Hellerstein, DCAD Co-Coordinator, Civil Society, WEOG

  • Dr. Muhammad Shabbir, DCAD Coordinator, Civil Society, Asia Pacific
  • Lidia Best, President, European Federation of Hard of Hearing People and Vice Chair, ITU-JCHFA, Civil Society, WEOG
  • Peter Crosbie, Representing persons with Cognitive Disabilities, Civil Society, WEOG
  • Masahito Kawamori, Technical Community Japan, Asia Pacific
  • Vidhya Reddy, Vision Empower- India, Civil Society, Asia Pacific
  • Nicodemus Nyakundi, Kenya ICT Action Network. (KICTANet), Civil Society, Africa
  • Masayuki Inoue, Japan, Academic, Asia Pacific
  • Grace Salanje, HerForTech–Malawi, Civil Society, Africa
  • Muhammad Akram, President – Asia Pacific Federation of the Hard of Hearing and Deafened (APFHD)–Pakistan, Asia Pacific
  • Vivien Maidaborn, the CEO of .nz, Technical Community, Asia Pacific
  • Yasunobu Ishii, Accessibility Relay Service Japan, Technical Community, Asia Pacific
Onsite Moderator – Judith Hellerstein
Online Moderator – Deirdre Williams
Rapporteur – Judith Hellerstein